Matek H743-slim support

Hi Guys. ArduPilot Newbie here. My apologies if there have been posts about this. I see docs and discussion on the Matek H743-wing, but nothing on the new Matek H743-slim. I purchased one of these for a quad rebuild. Can I assume firmware and documentation is roughly the same as for the wing version?
Actually, I see firmware for ‘H743’ or ‘H743-heli’. I presume I should download the ‘H743’ version for a quad. Correct? Thx, Dennis!

Yes the Wing, Slim and Mini all use the same firmware target. The -heli is for Traditional Helicopter. As you said you want the other one for a quad.

Thanks, dkemxr, I appreciate the quick response! Will use the ‘H743’ target as I suspected. Regards, Dennis