Matek F765-WSE with CRSF

Matek F765-WSE with CRSF

This is my first time setting up Ardupilot. Thanks for support !


  • Copter V4.3.0 Official
  • TBS Tango II 6.19
  • TBS Reciver XF Nano Div. Ver. 6.19 / V 1.16


I followed the description “Mandatory Hardware Configuration” / "First Time Setup.
Section “Radio Control Calibartion” describes the green bars. They should showing the receiving inputs.

On my systems no bars appear. There are no Signals from the Transmitter.

The reciver should bee connectet with the F765 - because on the TBS Tango Crossfire Menu the ArduCopter V4.3.0 is visible ! Changes are possible on the FC ! So CSRF is working,

what do I need to do ? Thank you !

Please show your connections from the receiver to the FC.

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Like Mateksys say:
CH1 - RX6
CH2 - TX6
4V5 - 5V

Without plug because I am unsure about the error…

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The connection is already correct. What does the output map in TBS Agent Lite look like?

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various info !


Everything is correct. Did you really configure SERIAL7, or maybe SERIAL6?

Yes - i took the information from :

I don’t understand why the Reciver is connectet with the Board (ArduCopter…) but do not show the control signal… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Can you see anything here with the first 4 channels?


(Data, Status-Tab)

Or does something happen here at chxin when you move the sticks?

Unfortunately, no

On the log is something wrong…

It will probably be best if you reflash ArduCopter. As it looks, there are a lot of things wrong …

OK - i’l try - felt for the hundredth time !

Thank you very much for your support !!

Maybe it is enough to reflash the arducopter.apj via Setup / Install Firmware / All Options.

In any case, the message should not look like yours.