Matek F722 Wing

Hi Is there any plans to shortly have the Matek 722 Wing available as an FC for ArduPilot Plane? Just would like to know before I go and buy a 405 Wing again. I already have a brand new 722.

Also, has anyone reflashed a Matek 405 Wing already running Inav?

The F722 doesn’t have enough flash space to run ArduPilot unfortunately.
I have a matek F7 and keep meaning to look at finding a reasonable way of bringing it up, but it never gets to the top of my list.

Hi James,

Dam but thank you. Guess its back to another 405 Wing.



А если просто вставить флеш-карту micro SD в этот полётный контроллер? Возможна тогда установка Ardupilot?

No. The flash memory is not large enough for Ardupilot.The SD card doesn’t help matters.

Do you or anyone here know if there is an “off chip” flash chip on this board? Something like a Winbond W25Q32?

The version I have doesn’t, but I think a newer variant has an spi flash chip

I’ll have to look at mine and see, I don’t recall right off hand, but I never actually looked for one of those either. Anyway, do you think with a proper amount of spi flash that Ardupilot might be a possibility? Assuming that I could even get an upgrade to work, as I haven’t heard of or seen this tested on this board. I have a new stm32f411ceu6 development board that has a set of unpopulated spi flash pads on the bottom side. Other developers have tested up to a 128 Mbit chip and were successful.

It would need a fair bit of bootloader and architectural work, and isn’t on anyone’s radar as far as I’m aware.