Matek F405-Wing Autonomous Mission using Mission Planner

I am interested in F405 FC (fixed wing) but before I spend any time on this, has anyone tested successfully auto missions? Any issues?


no board-specific issues or limitations regarding auto missions. happy user here.

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No issues. Done many auto missions and every thing is working fine :slight_smile:

Could I pick your brain regarding setup? I have been working with F-405 wing boards and have had two very nasty crashes. Neither were in auto mode. And I’ve had other successful autonomous flights.
Thanks in advace.

just a question did you have a manual flight mode setup in your flight modes ?

Yes but I didn’t use it.
Please see this dataflash log.
Thank you again for your time.

What is your setup looks like? Are you using compass, any other peripherals, etc.?
Can you describe what happen? Also what modes you have setup?