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Matek f405-CTR - only one motor spins, no GPS


(Yuriy Homyakov) #1

Hi guys! Trying to setup Arducopter on Matek f405-CTR FC.
Flashed well with iNav Configurator, can connect with MissionPlaner, can setup radio, accel and compass but having problems with GPS (NoGPS, connected to TX1/RX1), and motors - only motor 2 works. Assembly was tested with iNav firmware - all motors and GPS working.

Please help! Is anybody have success with Arducopter and Matek f405-CTR?

latest MissionPlanner,

(Peter Hall) #2

can you post your parameters, its possible that the pinouts do not match the INav ones

(Yuriy Homyakov) #3

Thanks for reply, all default parameters, params file will provide later

(Peter Hall) #4

have you seen this?

(Yuriy Homyakov) #5

yes, no success
Primary I want to fix motors, looks like arducopter aand iNav use different mapping, but i compared and - pwm ports mapping looks similar

(Roman) #6

I use this controller with firmware 3.6.5. Everything works fine.

Maybe PM will be able to communicate in their native languageā€¦