Mastering the art of BIN and Log Analysis - Learning 201

I have no problem admitting that I am fairly new to bin and log analysis to troubleshoot problems associated with Quads and Copters. I would like to gain more experience in this space.

I have watched few useful videos put together by @Randy and others.

Any advice on what other tools are out there besides MP will be highly appreciated.

I use drone plotter.

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thanks Dave…looks pretty good. I will play around with it.

Any recommended tutorials on using data and doing troubleshooting 101 besides using plain common sense :slight_smile:

FYI drone plotter is useful for everything except FFT analysis. You still need MP for that.

Have you reviewed this doc? It does a great job of explaining all the pieces of the log file

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Yes I have, and watched Randy’s videos as well. I will keep playing with the logs and hopefully learn new things down the road. I will bug you when I get stuck :slight_smile:

1 Like this is one cool program…loving it.

I put my token on APMPlanner’s graph tool for visualizing logs. But this is not the point. Beyond basic log analysis, you have to look at the source code and understand how EKF, control loops and other functions are working. Otherwise it’s just data.

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Eosbandi Agree…slowly getting there. 6 weeks of intense Ardupilot learning. But I learned more in 6 weeks then in last 2 years, Thanks to COVID-19 :slight_smile:

Thanks to you, @smartdave & @dkemxr and few others the learning experience is awesome. I first want to master the electronics part slowly and then want to get my hands dirty with software piece.

you can look at Paul video on EKF analysis from last year, it is very informative too

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Thanks will do…