Master_copter3.6.8 fly keep rotating issue

Hi, I’ve been met a problem that when I upload the lastest master firmware to my quad. The vehicle is keep rotating in air. I see the log the DesYaw is increasing. Is there any idea obout this?
i post the URL here:

you can see clearly that we don’t push the yaw stick, but still the desyaw keep increasing. How could it be possible in this master branch?

Could it be a vibrations issue ???

Mag looks quite noisy and change with throttle. Try move it away from power cables.

But, the copter-3.6.7branch can do it well. What the difference between the master and the tag branch copter 3.6.7

I got the same issue hope someone can help.

I’m sure not. same vehicle using master it did bad rotation but the released tag branch copter 3.6.7 did well

@rmackay9 can you take a look at this. Looks like user error, but there might be something else.