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Massive backlog of PRs and Issues

Topic: reviewing PRs and Issues is not sexy work ,and we have a big backlog of open PRs and Issues. ( over 330) ( over 1200)

Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [ ] , Other [ X] : _________________

Description: I believe we currently partially-fund Francisco’s time on a fixed $Z/mo or X hrs per week basis for him to do as much of this as he can given the $/time constraints, but it’s clearly not enough, and this proposal is for us to spend more $.

Planned amount $$ (USD): my suggestion is that we spend an additional 20k/yr on top of our existing expenditure to Franscisco. This proposal is NOT to just give Franscisco double the work ( i don’t even know if he wants it at this stage). The proposal is about the work that needs doing, and getting a budget to do more of it.
Later on, after the funds are approved and the potential candidate/s to do the work highlighted, if there is more than one, the dev team may need to take the candidate/s to a second vote to decide who gets funded to do this.

Estimated time for completion: ongoing at $20k/yr.


It could be a good idea !
I tried to push forward a lot of PR, generally they only miss something like 30min rework to be ready for merge. The main blocking point I see on PR is the final validation that is generally delayed forever … I don’t blame anybody, our maintainer are already doing an awesome job.

Maybe schedule some merge session/night once a month an pay for pizza and beer for participant ?

Thanks for the proposal Buzz.

I’m leaving my role so that will be open for someone else to take, but I’ll comment on your request to extend that into a full-time job (or two part-times for different people).

This is something I thought about asking for myself. However, it’s not viable on the long term yet - we don’t have enough Partners to guarantee that the following year we’ll have that amount of money to pay.
If we have someone (qualified for the job) that is willing to take that risk, then I would support the idea.

The value is a bit above what I got, but I’m not shocked by it, I think it’s within an acceptable range. More important though might be finding people willing to work for that amount.

Thanks you for your inputs Francisco !

I am bit split on a full time proposal. Besides that it is quite risky on long term, IMHO having two reviewers will give us more flexibility and broader range of competencies.

I would be interested in a half time reviewers position. Even if I don’t have Francisco reviewer skills or knowledge on some part of the codebase, I have been doing it often on the past years and know well SITL and autotest features.

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