masalah ketinggian setelah tackoff

I experience altitude problems shortly after tackoff, the height can be ofside very extreme even up to + or - 200 meters, this happens with EK2_ALT_SOURCE baro and gps, but sometimes this can be normal, only when tackoff determines, if after normal tackoff then long flight will be normal until landing, maybe only 1-2 meters offside.

sorry I don’t have a log, because I’m still confused by how to download the log from my fc.

board:matek wing f405
fw : arduplane V3.9.6

after some changes finally the problem was solved, my error made changes at once, and that made me not know what made the problem complete, I will mention some of the changes that I made to people who might experience the same problem.
-upgrade fw latest v3.9.8
-terrain-enable = 0

I am a little inclined to believe this is solved by the updated fw, but in Tridge’s writing in the FW release it does not reveal any changes related to the problem I experienced