Many thanks!

While I have done some posting here, most has been reading and lurking.

I spend most time on the APM/Arduflyer/etc site over on RCG since I had purchased the Ardu and didn’t feel right coming in here and dealing with issues etc.


I just wanted to give a big shout out…

[size=200][color=#0040BF]THANKS GARY AND ALL OTHERS !!![/color][/size]

I am liking the new look and the effort going into getting everything up to speed ! So much is just expected, overlooked, and whined about that most usually people like you get frustrated Im sure. Just want to let you know it is SO appreciated that all of us (regardless of brand) get the chance to put smiles on our faces flying such an awesome piece of hardware/software.

Being an end user I just wish all the ‘Chevy’ and ‘Ford’ diehards could just get along :slight_smile: It’s all about flying right.

I’ll second Dirty…

I am at the stage of connecting, configuring and flying my 1st quad. I’d followed other forums and the diy but, by my own fault had blown up my first board last week (06/05/2013) :blush:

Today (6/12/2013), I received the replacement FC board and am ready to connect, etc… again AND you now have easy detailed step-by-step instructions. NICE!!!

Thank you — the steps are clear and where as others have noted the details in the various other forums you have collected instructions into the great beginnings for a thorough instructional. It is a good start. I see it to become a concise and easily understood ‘How-To’ which will be well documented, nicely outlined, have large clear photos and brief descriptions in a simple format to follow. This is calming for the new and old to the sport.

[color=#0040BF][size=175]THANK YOU! :smiley: [/size][/color]