Manually turning compass to achieve certain degree?

Hi Guys,

I’ve always had mounting issues with just mounting the compass where the FORWARD arrow is towards the front of the quad. My loiter performance would always be out of wack and start toilet bowling… I decided to verify the heading using an app on my phone and noticed a 10-15 degree discrepancy and decided to loosen the top mount and adjust the compass manually to match my phone readings.

Ever since then I’ve achieved 100% perfect loiter and RTL functionality, is this something that is frowned upon? I’ve never seen it mentioned on here.

how much angle have you added mechanically? There is the declination adjustment in software that should do the same thing if its a fixed offset. You shouldn’t need to move it mechanically. If it loiters ok like that then I don’t think its a power interference issue.

Sounds like a bodge to me! :slight_smile: haha

Haha, it’s been working fine since then so I guess we’re OK… I added about 10 deg to zero in the compass with other devices.

I think it was just bothering me that once I set up the APM, and did compass calibration that it seemed to always be off by 10-13 deg.

I did the compassmot calibration and only got 2% interference… I mounted that compass pretty high up.