Manual Gimbal Control

Has anyone been able to get the Pixhawk to connect to a Feiyu G3 2 axis gimbal? We are having no success here:

-Read all the wikis
-searched all the web
-Tried it all

-9XR transmitter

-Frysky DB82 receiver

-Channel 6 assigned to tuning knob on transmitter

-Feiyu G3 gimbal control wire connected to AUX 1 out on Pixhawk

-Feiyu G3 gimbal power supply is separate

-Mission planner gimbal page set up channel 9 and channel 6 input

We get nothing, nada, no response to transmitter input. Tried many different combinations. Nothing. Gimbal just goes to extreme up position. With something as sophisticated as the Pixhawk there must be a way to do this simple thing. We just need manual control of the gimbal pitch while flying


Turns out the order of powering on is key. first connect power to pixhawk. Then power up gimbal. Do NOT power both at same time.