Manual and Guided crash

I post here two videos of my rover in manual and guide mode. After a few meters of flight the rover disconnects the power supply and it is necessary to disconnect and reconnect the battery to restart it. This type of problem also occurs with other flight modes.



what may be the causes?

Check the voltage ! The reason is surely that you get very low on voltage so everything disconnect due to power shortage.
What type of battery are you using ?
I don’t remember if I implement the voltage limiter on rover, but it could help … when the motor are active they can draw to much current for the battery system and then the voltage drop … and probably cutoff everything like you can see

thanks for reply,
I’m using a battery with a voltage output of DC12 V and a max output current of 2A.
The battery is connected to 2 brushed motors ( I haven’t info about the motors) and to the PX4.
How can I check the voltage?

I attach the .log and .bin files of the today manual crash
FILE .LOG - ( )
FILE .BIN - ( )