Mag Error

hi!, I am analyzing the logs of my last flight, following the tutorial: … sing-logs/

First, I see the MAG1 and MAG2 not go together

Second, when the plane accelerates influences the MAG (I guess for magnetic fields)

I wonder, how to make MAG1 and MAG2 go hand in hand, as for now, disabling MAG2 is the only solution I’ve found.

Isn’t Mag2 attached to the GPS module. I would think that one would be less influenced by magnet interference. The other one is mounted on the Pixhawk.

I just looked at mine from a test flight and they are dead on for both throughout the flight.


There’s a reason that after APM2.5 the MAG was moved off the main controller board. It is best to ALWAYS user the external MAG and try and put it in a place away from any other electromagnetic interference and always do a calibration. The onboard MAG is subject to all sorts of interference.

Thanks, Grant.