M8N battery replacement?

Sorry I know this isn’t 4.1 related but I can’t seem find info on google. Strange. Anyway… My m8N seems to take a long time… like 2 minutes or more … to get a decent lock. Not just the first time in a long time but every time. Isn’t the battery on the GPS board so it can remember it’s last location and grab sats faster? And to that extent I hate to sound like a dummy but I swear the battery seems tac welded on the board?? Is there a way to change the battery?? It’s a Taoglas gps. I have a feeling I’m about to be that guy slapping his forehead

Good day,
the coin battery on the gps can be change.
Just in case you want change your gps module, in case you want keep your module,
try shield the gps module and use s different stand so gps is far from another interferences antennas or frame,… but if you want update your module you can look for the mRo LocationOne… its equipped with m9n ublox and the rm3100 compass.
m9n is more fast…

Thanks for the input , I might have to try the M9n!