LW20 has good connectivity, but doesn't show up. It has worked in the past?

Hey all. We’ve been using the LW20 for more than a year and it’s been a plug and play rangefinder, until recently.

I have it connected via serial1 on my mRo Control Zero FC. All the settings are correct according to the wiki.

I did thorough connectivity and short checking on the RX, TX, and power. I also checked the line from the FC to the LW20 and everything is fine.

I thought I’d fixed it after discovering the RX/TX that were working were twisted. I made a twisted cable, it worked at first when I tested the LW20 outside of the payload bay, put it in the payload bay and it doesn’t work anymore. It’s near a small servo in the payload bay, and that’s all.

When I look at other posts regarding the LW20 they seem to be somewhat finicky. Any ideas on things to try? I’ve spent a long time trying to get these units consistent as we were going to use them on our production unit.