Lubricant for T-Motors

Dear Forum members,

I am told the after every few hours of flying it is necessary to lubricate the motors on your quad.

I also came across one post that recommended using Silicon spray.

What is the right type of lubricant that can be used on 2213 T-Motors?

How often they should be lubricated?

Thank you in advance.


I would not use silicon spray but rather electrical sewing machine oil (a very very thin oil, almost like water). I actually use that on my T-motors before every flight day (not every flight…)

Dear Forum members,

I need help and some pointers.
Using APM 2.8 - not arming and bad compass health error

Current setup
APM 2.8, JP1 jumper (used) as I have not connected the PM module to APM
External GPS connected to APM
Receiver connected with the correct cabling
The receive is binded to the RC

What worked:
Using MPlanner - I was able to calibrate accelerometer and RController (moving the sticks for calibration

What does not work
Arming the RController
GPS connection

I tried to reset the APM by pressing the reset button, the red and the purple light soon start blinking, and then the red continues to blink slowly

When in MP I enabled the Monitor and after connecting the APM (pressed the connect) tab on the top right hand screen - I see gibberish characters scrolling on thes screen

MP will only allow me to use the Wizard option to run the setup.

I had all the switches on the RC set to back position (as you explained in many videos on youtube)
I turn the throttle stick to bottom right and hold it for 5 sec (in order to get it to arm) - but the red light on the APM continues to blink slowly.

Any idea what is going on, what I am doing wrong and how I can fix it.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.