Low battery tiggers failsafe when Mission's RTL, and RTL again

Hi, all
I have a question, if vehicle is in mission’s rtl process, and now low battery failsafe tiggered, vehicle will restart RTL process. I think RTL process shouldn’t be tiggered again, just show warning message. Sometimes, vehicle is in landing process, maybe raise again if RLT again, (forgive my chinese english :slight_smile: )

@liang-tang did I understand you correct?

  • vehicle did return to the launch location by mission RTL and starts landing
  • battery FS forces vehicle to climb to the RTL height and land again?

I believe by design RTL should not climb if the vehicle is already on the launch location.

@sergbokh Thanks for your reply, i will do a test for it.

Hi, Sergey,
I tested it use gazebo simulation, acctually RTL can climb again even if the vehicle is already on the launch location.
All test base on Copter 3.5.0-rc4

The latest version Copter 3.5.1 is the same result.

@rmackay9 please have a look , thanks.

This is exactly why I disable my battery failsafe. I am sure that freaks some folks out and others may view that as reckless. But I’d rather be in charge of this process and command the RTL when I see my return home voltage.