Lots of Questions

As you might guess from the title I have a lot of question which aren’t realy related to each other. (I’m using a Pixhawk)

  1. What is the CONS Port for?
  2. Which Ports can I use to read data from the Pixhawk?
  3. Which Parameters can I read from the pixhawk, while flying?
  4. What Protokoll is the Pixhawk using for the Power Pins to receive informations about battery voltage and
    amp draw?
  5. Is there a way to connect multiple flight controllers and let them somehow communicate with each other?
  6. Which Parameters can I write while flying?
    If you could answer any of those questions, I would greatly appreaciate a reply.
    Greetings Mathis

One more question: what is the Cons port for?

1.The CONS port is just another serial port. Serial 5
2. Serial ports.
3. Many thru telemetry on a Ground station or depending on your RC system right on the Tx
4. Analog voltage
5. I don’t think so unless the 2nd FC is not crontrolling flight.
6. Check Chan 6 In Flight tuning options.

Hi Dave,
thanks so far. Just a few more question:
1.Can you use motors with a different Power or kv in 1 kopter?
2. Is there a way to tell it when to use which motor. (Imagine a Octocopter with 4 big and 4 small props and
you wan’t to use the big ones for slow hovering and the small ones for fast flying. Just in theory…)
3. Can you use or create different frame designes, which aren’t included? Something like a Quadrocopter with
motors which are tilted outwards.
Greetings Mathis

Sorry Mathis I would be guessing at answers to those questions. I think there would be major stability problems mixing motor and prop sizes. Even with a motor slightly tilted relative to the others can cause problems.