Lots of errors in MP console related to gimbal

I have set a Alexmos 32 based gimbal using MavLink and I see lots of gimbal related errors in MP console which I’m not sure of it’s effect.

ERROR MissionPlanner.GCSViews.FlightData - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at MAVLink.MAVLinkParam.op_Explicit(MAVLinkParam v)
   at MissionPlanner.Utilities.GimbalPoint.ConvertPwmtoAngle(axis axis)
   at MissionPlanner.Utilities.GimbalPoint.ProjectPoint(MAVLinkInterface comPort)
   at MissionPlanner.GCSViews.FlightData.<mainloop>d__167.MoveNext()



are you using a storm32 gymbal?

found the issue
RC1_REV param changed to RC1_REVERSED

goto love param renames.

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Is this parameter is used by the system to communicate with the gimbal controller ?@Michael_Oborne
EDIT: does it have any relation to data transmitted from cube to gimbal?

please try the latest MP beta