Loss of power mid flight

While I was autotuning my quad, at a few minutes in it shut off, crashed and rebooted. Would someone mind looking at this log to see what I am missing? I saw a high Mag field but didn’t think that would cause a reset.


That link has an Access requirement.

@dkemxr Sorry about that. Fixed now

Looks like thrust loss on Output 3 (Motor 2), Output 4 (Motor 1) drops to compensate and down it goes.

After determining why thrust was lost on Motor 2 (prop, motor ESC.) I would update to latest Arducopter, and then run the Alt>A initial tuning plug-in in Mission Planner. Then configure the Dynamic Notch filter, then think about running Auto Tune.

Thanks @dkemxr that’s a lot to figure out. I appreciate the help

I don’t see any evidence of a reset, you might to change the title of the post. Words like “reset” and “bug” can draw a lot of attention :slight_smile:

Also, it looks like your thrust/weight is off. Hovering ~1625us and a learned MOT_THST_HOVER value of .608.

I changed the title, thanks. What could cause the MOT_THST_HOVER? I have only flown before less than a minute. It was at default of 0.34XXXX I believe.

On inspection Motor 3 was twitching and motor 1 will not spin at all. Mot 1 probably from the crash.

It’s learned while flying in non-manual flight modes. In your case it was from a preveous flight because here it’s steady or increasing.

Got it. Thank you sir. Lesson learned.