Loss of control after motor failure on octaquadplane

Moving the discussion from GH as requested. Full context here: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/7927

@Leonardthall : have you ever experienced a motor failure with an octa config? What you’re describing doesn’t reflect reality. After witnessing well over half a dozen motor failures, I can say with confidence that what I’ve seen happen is basically “nothing”: the flight controller seems to do a great job at coping with motor loss, and it is able to land the vehicle in a controlled manner. However what happened on that last “problematic” flight is new, which is why I opened a new issue. By the way, just today another motor/ESC lost sync (not kidding), the prop stopped spinning, and the vehicle landed just fine. This time I know it lost sync because the logs show AP was sending nominal PWM to the ESC.

@Leonardthall Sorry if this offended you. I just asked a simple genuine question. It was asked in a neutral tone, and it wasn’t meant to bring you down.