Loss altitude in auto

Hi dears, I have a quadcopter and it’s almost OK.
After some flight in auto mode loses altitude. But in other modes it’s true.
What is the reason?
Log file : https://ufile.io/dupvyn4u

I have no idea how your Mission was programmed but I would say you have a power/battery problem. The battery sags to <9V under load and the average commanded motor output at hover is ~1800us.

Right, but i was surprised, because in loiter or alt-hold the altitude was true (no reduction).
The mission was short path and without changing the altitude.

Barometers say it’s not really changing altitude until you switch out of Auto and then perhaps the Rangefinder is active. Hard to say though as it’s only a 1m or so change. I would worry more about available power than a small change in altitude.

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