Looking for a way to get " Total distance travelled " figure from the data flash log

Hi all,

Any idea how to extract “total distance travelled” by a plane during any given flight using data flash logs? I know mission planner can do it via log index but it seems like there is some kind of bug and its not giving accurate figure. I tried to look into UAV log viewer but couldn’t find it either. Any suggestions please? Thanks.

I use dronekit-la to calculate that.

I aggregate later:

pbarker@bluebottle:~/rc/flight-data$ cat sum-distance-travelled

test -z “$DIR” && {
echo “Dir please”
exit 1

find “$DIR” -name *BIN.dkla |
xargs grep ‘“total-distance-travelled”’ |
cut -f 3 -d ‘:’ |
cut -f 1 -d ‘,’ |
echo " metres"
pbarker@bluebottle:~/rc/flight-data$ ./sum-distance-travelled planey
2335277.16697557 metres

I record many of my flights in Dronelogbook. I upload the .bin files and it will report the distance travelled. I can’t state how accurate it is, but it looks reasonable.

Thanks Peter. Is it only Linux based? I will check it out. I am kind of green to Linux but can try if its Linux based.

Will look into. Thanks Allister.

Hello Peter. I am trying to run it on windows. Could you please help me how to proceed further? Thanks.