Look at the copter in gusty wind conditions

Amazing how Position Hold algorithms of Ardupilot can hold the copter in gusty wind conditions.


Are you using PosHold flight mode or Loiter flight mode? If you are using PosHold, give a try to Loiter, it have many parameters and you can improve even more your performance tuning some parameters.

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That flight is on Position Hold. You mentioned using PosHold, has many parameters to improve performance tuning. How do you attain tha?

Use Loiter.
There’s extra tuning params for Loiter and it’s much updated over PosHold.

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Take a look on these parameters:


Thanks, I found the additional tunning parameters of Loiter. I also like Drift flight mode. I’m just wondering cause the WIKI says you fly the copter using Pitch and Yaw. Aileron will be controlled by the FC. But I find I have Aileron stick control. Not a big drama. I fly my copter yesterday with high winds on Drift mode and I love how the mode fight with the wind. AMAZING.