Longest log that can be recorded on APM?

I have just completed a roughly 40min flight on my skywalker with APM. My log begins roughly 10minutes into my flight and shows my landing after 32minutes. I’m assuming that as the flight went longer the data began to overwrite the first part of the flight? Whats the longest log that you can record to the APM internally? Are there options for using an external data logger?

Here is a link to my flight on droneshare.


On an APM we have very limited space to store logs. On a Pixhawk this problem goes away as we have an SDCard to store the logs on. There is no external logging solution for an APM. How long you can log for is dependant on how much you log and this is controlled by the LOG_BITMASK - documentation here:
plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/ardupla … og_bitmask
By logging less you will log for longer. Have a look and decide what logs you want and don’t want and adjust accordingly.

Thanks, Grant.