Longer DF13 cables?

Any idea where to get longer DF13 cables than those that came with Pixhawk? 3DR doesn’t have a feasible international shipping option for low-cost items.

I ordered mine from Canada Drones but I live in Canada. Depending where you are it might not work for you.

Unfortunately I’m in Europe and they seem to only ship to Canada… :frowning:

I’m using Digikey pre-crimp wires and housings. INfo can be found here.
https://pixhawk.org/peripherals/cables … housings are cheap, unfortunatly pre-crimp wires are costly specialy if you only need 1 cable… but it works great for me when I need a diy DF13 cable.

Under $100 order from digikey has $30 postage, so still pretty expensive. However, the Pixhawk link you posted also had a link to uav-store.de which has the cables with only 3€ postage, so that’s perfect! With some help from Google Translate, I should be able to place the order :wink:


PS. are these cables really the best choice for Pixhawk? They are easy to break and hard to find…