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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #825

your talking the skydroid app…yeah I have that update.
there is also an equipment assistant update.

(caoxueyu) #826

Upstream 200 packets per second, 32 bytes per packet. The first 16 bytes are channel signals, and the last 16 bytes are app data. The upstream bandwidth is about 3KB/S. Downlink is also 200 packets per second, 32 bytes per packet. Thirty bytes are telemetry signals with a bandwidth of about 6KB/S. The transmitter is always transmitting, and the receiver is transmitting at the transmitter’s idle time. Receiver 2KB buffer, packet loss retransmit and check. The transmitter receiver is frequency hopping. The transmitting power is 20 DBM (+1 dbm) and the receiving sensitivity is about -126 dbm. The antenna is 3 dbm. Working frequency range is 2.4-2.5 Ghz

(caoxueyu) #827

We also have another system, T10, which returns 400 packets per second, 250 bytes per packet. So it’s possible to transmit video. We need to develop cameras. We need to convert H264 video data into MCU identifiable data. So we send the camera data to MCU through a serial port with a baud rate of 1.5 million. Then MCU can return these data. Then these data are input to the mobile phone to decode and play. Then the remote control and telemetry video is realized on the same radio. This product is being tested and trial-produced in China. I hope more people know that skydroid is trying to do something. All in one and clean fly. It’s time to change something. And it’s changing.

(MartinKeilloh) #828

Thank you for that Cao,very good reading and I look forward to the release of your camera product I would like to beable to beta test it in Scotland.
I am very very happy with my M12.
Keep up the good work Cao and team Skydroid,

(Greg Covey) #829

Hi all,

Can someone make a system diagram of the Skydroid video link? My current understanding is that the Skydroid 5.8GHz Dual Receiver sits near the M12 and connects to a phone/tablet via USB. The same custom Tower app connects to the M12 telemetry via WiFi and UVC video via USB.

At the vehicle air side, are you using the Skydroid 5.8GHz iOS AV Video Downlink? If so, what camera are you plugging into the USB connector?


(basti) #830

thanks @SKYDROID , that is some very valuable information!


(RickyG) #831

Hey Greg.
Here is a simple diagram of the M12L connections.
The Handheld unit connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.
The handheld to the R12l receiver via 2.4ghz link.
The Video is a UVC receiver that connects via USB to the phone or tablet. Then leverages a standard 5.8ghz video transmitter that most drones are using at this time.


Hope that helps.

(RickyG) #832

Don’t tease us Cao with the T10…you won’t sell me one yet lol

(Greg Covey) #833


Thanks for Figure 1 as it confirms my understanding of the M12 connections. However, it does not contain the UVC environment. Are you saying that the Skydroid 5.8GHz Dual Receiver (located by the M12) can receive from a video transmitter like an ImmersionRC 5.8GHz unit that transmits analog video?

What is the Skydroid 5.8G iOS AV Video Downlink used for?


(RickyG) #834

Hey Greg.
So the M12l and it’s companion receiver only manage the control and telemetry conversation between the pilot and the drone. The handheld as in the drawing act’s in concert with the handheld via Bluetooth.

To receive a companion Video signal you have the ability to use the Skydroid 5.8g IOS AV Downlink device or similar device like the ROTG as a receiver of 5.8 video signal. Basically it’s just a standard video receiver like the ImmersionRc Dual receiver you call out in your question. The difference is that the Skydroid receiver provides the video to the tablet or phone via the USB connection (UVC Video) and not through the standard Composite Video out method that’s used for goggles, DVR’s and such.
Like what you see in this image

This video while in Chinese will show you how to use teh receiver in conjunction with the M12l.

The dual antenna version also provides that standard Comp Video out should you want to run goggles as an example.

The Skydroid version of Tower supports this video method (UVC) unlike other apps, Tower and Qgroundcontrol.

Currently there are no versions available to use that have video embedded in the handheld system like say a Mavic. Skydroid has a system called the T10 and that will be made available at some point in the future and it supports the built in video signal. But today you need the separate piece of hardware.

(Greg Covey) #835

Excellent, thank you!

I wasn’t familiar with the Eachine UVC receivers. I’m not thrilled with powering the device from the phone or tablet. Are there any options here to power it from the M12L or do we need to wait for the T10?

(cala2) #836

I hope its possible from a usb port from the radio

(RickyG) #837

Hey Greg
I have the same concern about powering the UVC receiver from the tablet.
The SKYDROID UVC Dual Antenna Control Receiver can be powered from an external 5vdc source as well.

The t10 won’t be available to anyone outside of China for a while as they are working to perfect the system before they release it outside. Which I confess sucks…I want it now. lol.

(RickyG) #838

@cala2 here is the UVC mount.

SkyDroid UVC Mount Assembly.stl (111.7 KB)

(MartinKeilloh) #839

the uvc carrier looks really well designed Ricky and nice to look at,yes its a shame we have to wait for the T10 but im sure it will be worth it

(Greg Covey) #840


Would it be recommended to power the SkyDroid UVC Receiver from the 5v output on the M12? Can you confirm what connector is on the left underside of the M12?

Thank you!

(cala2) #841

An extra advantage from this radio is long time batts duration :o

(RickyG) #842

Hey Greg.
While I have not given this a try. You would need to mod a USB cable to pull the 5vdc from it and then use a JST type connector for the 5vdc to the UVC receiver.
Then a USB to the tablet from the UVC receiver.
I think the community will need to experiment and see. My concern is having a ton of extra cables all over lol.

Perhaps something like this would help.

(Greg Covey) #843

So the connector on the left underside of the M12 is a regular USB like on a PC?

I would probably drill a hole in the M12 case and tap into the 5v output for a nice short custom cable to the SkyDroid UVC Receiver JST connector. Since it is only two wires, you could use a simple mini chassis socket from HK.


(RickyG) #844

Might be possible.
Here is an image to show you whats under the hood. Sorry it’s not to clear but you can see what spaces there are that could be leveraged for your suggestion.