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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(cala2) #582

I have dragon v1, a friend just bougth v3 but telem doesnt work, he ask for another one and doesn’t work too, yours is working without issues?

(Marc Dornan) #583

Your friend is almost certainly doing something wrong I think. It works very well to be honest but I have seen people struggle to set it up. This is the issue with 3rd party integration – there are multiple com ports and serial links, and other settings and if any of them are not set correctly it fails and it is not necessarily DL at fault – although the configuration software needs to be more clear. In a way this validates Skydroid’s approach. Take out of the box, bind and use it.

The v1 is not good, I gather. It was 1st gen and is incomparable to what is being used now.

(MartinKeilloh) #584

also there is the rfd but ive ot a love for this skydroid Ithink it will just keep getting improved and you can talk to the main man worth a lot

(caoxueyu) #585

A new filtering firmware may be needed

(cala2) #586

Yes, I never migrate to v2 because I saw him with many problems and v3 the same, very difficult to calibrate v1 still works well but very old now, I appreciate this one that works out of the box, very easy to make work.

(Romeo E) #587

It seems like it does.
I’m not saying it is not usable, flown with it and only noticed on the logs. But it could be better :slight_smile:

(cala2) #588

Im going to curious my hitec, thats suppose to transmitter related?

(RickyG) #589

two more hours of flying today.
All good. In Love with my Skydroid

(cala2) #590

I finally found my Pixracer issue, It was the sd card, first time that I have this issue, little offtopic but want to share to have in mind when your FC refuses to work well, now connections looks working nice and shows rssi too with the pixracer.

(RickyG) #591

seriously…the SD card. Did you simply replace the card and what exactly was the symptom.
How did you determine it was the card.

I added a note in the troubleshooting section of the manual

(cala2) #592

The synyhom was that not connect anymore to anything (Mission planner, tower etc), then I plugged the pix directly to the pc and not connect too so discard something M12L related, I disconnect all periferics and nothing, at the end, near to throw the pix to the basket I remove sd card and …miracleeee, works again :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: , now I bought another sd and going to try with it.

(cala2) #593

Perhaps a troubleshooting can be:
If your unit can´t connect to ground control soft, disconnect peripheals, try to connect the fc directly with usb to check is working well,
remove your sd card,
check wiring circuit, check green light receiver is bright light,
check if other software related are closed (eg setting app and you are trying to connect tower.
Please traslate from spanglish to english first :wink:

(RickyG) #594

App not connecting to the Flight Controller

  1. Disconnect peripherals and try to connect to the fc directly via the usb port and confirm the flight controller is working.
  2. Confirm all your connections.
  3. Confirm any applications that could try to connect to the flight controller.
  4. Remove and replace the SD Card.

(anon94298870) #595

@SKYDROID @rickyg32
What does this mean? I am trying to upgrade firmware on the tx and rx and this message came up when trying to upgrade the TX. I turned on the tx and plugged in the micro usb cable to my laptop, opened the upgrade zip file selected the right com port and did the check then clicked upgrade button.

Edit. You must turn the controller on while also holding A not sure of the duration but I have gotten it to upgrade. When I say hold A don’t double tap it but press and hold for at least 10 seconds, this will enter upgrade mode.

Question 2: Is the RX as simple as connecting the micro USB port and selecting the correct comport its connected to hit check for upgrades, then if upgrade is present hit upgrade?

(RickyG) #596

Good morning @anon94298870 just plug in the USB and wait till the PC see’s. Start the app, Make sure the right comport is selected, press the button to check the firmware version


the press the flash button.

Then the unit is upgraded.
I have updated our manual with more details around the receiver upgrade.

The firmware uploader will get translated to English soon.

(cala2) #597

The pixracer is in the air again and today some tests, some fpv fly and all go well, I test tree gcontrols on the tablet:
Tower beta, I have most experience with it and like but miss rssi and stop developed. one or two times to connect but do it fast.
Skydroid Tower, nice rssi vision but miss english modes.
Qground control, I can´t use today because can´t finish downloading params and not shure if shows rssi, past days work better, I have to investigate.
The transmitter looks very comfortable to use, nice tablet position, throttle works much better than my cri cri hitec with Quads, right stick (ailerons are little soft for my preferences but flyiable,.
I did some more ground test too, what surprise me was that not nessesary need line of sight everytime like common 2,4gh, If I was near, I can cover the radio with my body or some trees that not looks to affect signal, then I went 6 kms away, a slope and some trees covers the line of sight and signal was 90%, truck glass doesn´t looks to affect too, that nice for cold or mosquitos
osd minim fork vers looks not recognize modes.
More test coming soon. :slight_smile:

(RickyG) #598

Ale there is a new version of Tower called Mission Maker for Ardupilot. I have been playing with it and Qgroundcontrol. not sure which is going to be my go to yet. qGroundcontrol shows me RSSI.

(anon94298870) #599

I wouldn’t quite say this is new but is a specific companies version (Aerohawk) of a open source software. Same can be found for event38 version of MP. I have fumbled around with it and am not to keen on it as it is a truncated version of say tower or qgc. I wish there was backward compatibility between MP and QGC and others. Meaning one is good use for PC while the other is good for Phone/tablet use but they all speak a somewhat common language and share a common parameterization scheme. Currently I feel that these software’s are suffering from inundation with to many feature request by users (me being one of them) and to few folks working on the platforms. I know @Michael_Oborne and @DonLakeFlyer are working tirelessly on these to better them.

(MartinKeilloh) #600

Yes it would be nice to have up todate Tower but poor Michael Osborne is flat out on doing stuff think can is a lot of work,but I thank everyone for the work they do for us

(cala2) #601

I installed mmaker but not test yet, next flight I try and comment, now I fell like have a phantom with my diy drone :slight_smile: love this unit some airplane friends miss trims but I hope isn’ t a problem if Skydroid can fly a talon, Im waiting a pix to update my skywalker and give a try too.
Someone can read correct modes on osd? Or is only my issue?