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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(Kenny Trussell) #1371

Thanks for jumping in with thoughts!!! Bluetooth is used between the PC and the handheld “remote control” and then it is a 2.4GHz signal of some type from the remote control to the receiver on the vehicle. From what I can find, even the older bluetooth 1.2 or so had a bit rate of 1 Mbps and in practice could transmit 700 kbps, so that should not be the trouble. The 3DR radio is only about 64 kbps and the serial connection to each end is running at 57.6 kbps. So theoretically, the Skydroid should be capable of a lot higher speed.

But, I don’t really know. It could be a Bluetooth issue.

You do make me think… I need to hook up via USB instead of Bluetooth to see if that changes anything. I will do that!

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(cala2) #1372

Hello Kenny, I try to upload your mission by usb and works perfect, then I delete the mission and upload from the dron to check and no problem with Mission planner, I try to upload a video to show you. M12L

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(Kenny Trussell) #1373

Thank you for doing that. I will try USB later this evening, in case it is somehow related to Bluetooth. I also I have a complete 2nd system that I bought a few months ago for another project. I may take it out to see if it gives any different response.

If you click on the “stats…” link in the upper right corner of the screen, do you see many lost packets?

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(cala2) #1374

this a short vers, then I retry erasing the mission and uploaded from drone.

(caoxueyu) #1375

upload 400+waypoint ,with usb or Bluetooth?If missionplanner or QGC gets the confirmation information of flight control and then sends the next waypoint, the problem will be solved. Because the bandwidth of the radio is much lower than that of Bluetooth and USB.

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Skydroid-T12 combination of Data transmission, Picture Transmission and Remote Control
(Dpsoftware) #1376

Hello , I have the same tablet and was curious to know if fit also in horizontal position. I have a Samsung S2 9.7 maybe is the same . Can you help me ?

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(cala2) #1377

Yes Domenico, its fix perfect and you can rotate in any position.

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(Dpsoftware) #1378

Great ! The radio is very interesting… Thank you

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(Lincoln Fowler) #1379

This system looks very interesting! If I wanted to connect a Sony A6000 instead of the FPV camera is it the serial converter I need or would using Gstreamer with a raspberry be good way to go?

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(MartinKeilloh) #1380

Its a great system but you need to wait on Cao or Ricky to answer your question

(RickyG) #1381

@ausphoto there are two systems discussed here the M12L and the T12.
The M12L is the first unit that came out to the public and it used analog video. Basically a standard 5.8ghz transmitter. So you could easily connect your sony to that.

The T12 uses digital video and the camera is a serial output camera. So currently there is no way to connect up a sony to it so Gstream would be the way to go. Unless you know how to use a raspberry to convert analog video to digital serial video. Then you could use the Sony or any other camera for that matter.

Hope that helps.

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(Lincoln Fowler) #1382

@rickyg32 Thank you for the info it helps a lot. So I am thinking this is where a hdmi to csi bridge board comes in.

  1. Connect camera via hdmi to csi bridge
  2. Connect hdmi to csi bridge to raspberry
  3. H264 video from raspberry to T12 receiver (via a wire splice?) This section I am not so clear on.
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(RickyG) #1383

The camera is serial…transmit and receiver lines.(tx-rx)
Not sure you can splice in as suggested.
T12 is looking for that serial type connection.

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(Lincoln Fowler) #1384

This is the part I am not sure of. I am thinking that the hdmi to CSI 2 bridge with a 15 pin ribbon (slots in where the Raspberry camera normally goes) does the h264 format conversion which is the serial format required? Then I am assuming the signal needs to be connected to the T12 receiver link. In the Skyroid T12 instruction video

at 8.10 it shows the FPV camera being connected to the receiver. If using a raspberry - how would one connect?
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(RickyG) #1385

What your seeing is a serial camera being connected.
It has 4 wires.
The only way I can see a rPI being connected is if someone figured out how to convert the video signal to the serial format the receiver is looking for. So far no one has come up with that solution. Skydroid has it on the bench but no eta for the device.

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(Lincoln Fowler) #1386

Many thanks Ricky now I understand. Sounds like I need to wait for the video to serial converter!

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(RickyG) #1387

To do what you want. Yes I am afraid so. This doesn’t diminish the fact that the t12 is a great system. Just isn’t flexible enough just yet

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(Gal Nitzan) #1388

Hello to all members of the little “SkyDroid” forum within a forum. Nice to meet you all. It seems like that you have all gone from the old Chinese manuals and software to almost heaven where each new product surpasses the previous. However I look at it, you are all pioneers and you got some marvelous results.
Now, I have two T12 in my shopping cat @ AliExpress, the 3 body camera which costs $269 with shipping and the second T12 comes with the simple camera but costs $320 including shipping. I remember reading Cao’s saying use the regular but it is $60 more and above all ems shipping create a lot of problems with customs here at Israel.
Any reason to go with the more expensive one?
Also I remember reading there are long and short antennas? What is better? And where do I ask for it? And last question, does any of you have used iphone for the app? Either Tower or QGC?
Sorry for the long intro, however I notice that more valuable information is provided whenever I elaborate.
Best, Gal

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(MartinKeilloh) #1389

Hi Gal and wellcome to this group,the T12 is very good,the T12 now comes with reasonably long antenna and rubber duck like antenna’s to mount them,ive only used the small camera and it work’s well and finally I think it only works with Android but I could be wrong here,hope this helps

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(Gal Nitzan) #1390

Hi @MartyMcFly,
Thank you for the information. I guess I shall have to get me an Android tablet for the T12.
Thank you and have a great weekend.

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