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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #1323

Hey Harald.
Yes the apps are all android based. Once configured other Mavlink supported apps on windows or apple work for some or all the functions. But Android is needed for the config app to work.

(Harald Schmid) #1324

Thanks ricky vor the info

(RickyG) #1325

Glad to help Harald.
Please feel free to reach out to the community anytime. It’s a good group.
Also @MartyMcFly had a unit for sale…not sure if it’s sold yet.

(cala2) #1326

Anyone can tell me weigth T12 receiver without case? thanks

(MartinKeilloh) #1327

Sorry for delay Ricky,you go into the setting of the FUAC and change it there

(caoxueyu) #1328

I tried to make a video, including software and hardware introduction, SKD and so on, hoping to help some people use and develop.
(MartinKeilloh) #1329

Thank you Cao,also thanks for the Tower upgrade,briliant video cant wait for your next developement

(cala2) #1330

Nice Cao: how it weight receiver without case? looks nice for low weight long range quad proyect.

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(silvain) #1331


Thanks for your very helpfull video with a lot of information.
I have 2 questions :

  • Do you have a release date for the AV conversion board ? The input connector will be s-video ?
  • Is it possible to connect a another serial camera on the T12 receiver ? For example a raspberry pi camera ? Or directly a raspberry pi through the serial port ?

Thanks for all,

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(MartinKeilloh) #1332

Hi Cao,have 2 questions will the camera gimbal be A small sized one and also could it be possible to turn the video on and off with A switch on the T12 thank you

(caoxueyu) #1333

about 20-30g you want to Use air transport?

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(caoxueyu) #1334

1,about 1 month
2,ok , make sure: h.264 , 2M baud rate, video bit stream ≤ 0.6Mbpms

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(caoxueyu) #1335

yes,very small , but without LEDs
the camera with LEDs is for Sandblasting drone . it’s too big for small and high flying drone

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(silvain) #1336


Do you have a waterproof version of the camera ?

Thanks for all,

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(caoxueyu) #1337

It hasn’t been launched yet.

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(silvain) #1338


Ok, too bad for the waterproof camera but we will wait :slight_smile:

Do you try to send h264 video with Gstreamer with raspberry ?

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(RickyG) #1339

@silvain have you considered using Silicone Conformal coating to water proof the camera. I have used it a number of times on Cameras, ESC and other devices. Of course you have to avoid the camera sensor and connectors. But the main PCB can be protected from water this way. I have even done Flight controllers. Avoiding the barometer.

Just a thought.

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(cala2) #1340

No, for mapping, no so long range as yours, is more than enough the range but give safe control, I love to have always rc control to fly safe. the T12 looks nice to save weight equipment, building time consumption and preflight time preparation.

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(MartinKeilloh) #1341

Just to let every one no the T12 receiver and serial camera are up on AliAli Express

(caoxueyu) #1342

Gstreamer with raspberry can be supported theoretically ,make sure: h.264 , 2M baud rate port, video bit stream ≤ 0.6Mbpms

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