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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(cala2) #1140

Some users ask about new products differences an Skydroid only responds.

(MartinKeilloh) #1141

Verloop,as said if you dont like it dont come here,from day one Skydroid has been on here,he reads the posts and takes notice,and updates were needed and keeps us informed,which other manufacturer actually listens and takes positive action.
Cao we need you and dont take any notice of Verloop

(Anthony) #1142

Let me post my earlier post 1 more time:

Nearly a 1000 posts and still no sign of an independent 60km test.

The reason I’m asking for this is because we are seriously interested in this system if it really performs up to its claim. Even 40 to 50 km would already be a reason to implement this system in our UAV’s.

We are doing mapping missions and pipeline inspections here in Thailand and our missions are in the range of 20 to 40km. Now I’m not talking about that range in highly populated areas because I know that’s impossible. But I’m also not looking at flying over sea with absolutely no obstacles.

It would be nice to see anyone confirming a reasonable range in reasonable realistic circumstances.

It seems this is a blog of about 10 people, playing with this system and having fun with it. No problem at all. I object to to the way this blog has developed into a marketing channel for Skydroid and their products.

If you find my posts offensive or not appropriate in any way, please feel free to report to the moderators. I personally don’t feel it is appropriate to tell me what to read and reply to and what not.

You can rest assured that I will report your remark.

(ppoirier) #1143

As a moderator, I changed the topic for Hardware-Radio, I guess people here dont really mind if it is reassigned in this category.

Thats is exactly the case here, and this is the essence of our community, so I just hope you will enjoy it too :wink:

(Anthony) #1144

Yes, agree. As mentioned, “no problem at all”. Since the 60km is now out of the way, this blog is of no interest to me anymore.

(caoxueyu) #1145

Flying is not as easy to find friends as fishing and football. I can communicate with people from all over the world and make friends. I am not a salesman. The company didn’t ask me to do that. And I almost give it away for free. But there were too many deliveries, and then I opened PayPal and ali. Then everyone began to complain about my behavior. I feel very confused.

(MartinKeilloh) #1146

I dont complain about you Cao,you are A gentleman,you help every one on here please stay as our friend and I will deffinately be having A T10 keep up the good work we all love you

(RickyG) #1147

Cao. Don’t worry if people complain, it’s human nature to moan about something. You have been very helpful and supportive of the community and its very much appreciated. I don’t think people understand your not a sales rep and your communication is done via a translation app.
You have friends here.,.so it’s all good.

(Theo) #1148

Joined the forums just to say a big thank you to you, @SKYDROID and to the other good people who are testing this new system. I’ve been using a DX9 for a while now and I am so excited to finally see a great alternative to control Pixhawk and Ardupilot systems in an integrated package! Keep it up!

as for @Verloop, up yours, buddy, hope you step on a LEGO. Somebody is reaching out to improve their product and offer support despite language troubles, on their own good will and you just decide to be the sjw nobody needs.

(MartinKeilloh) #1149

its a brilliant system Theo you will love it,Cao is so supportive on here and 99% of the guys on here are brilliant,welcome to the Skydroid family

(cala2) #1150

Don{t worry Cao, We much appreciate your support, many of Us are hobbist and not easy to get a long range ship and permissions, I made esffords on that way to share with community but many difficults appears, If anyone regularly fly so long distances for work, suppose to have the adecuate ships and your equipment great price dont looks a problem to buy one, give a try and share with the community that let him know about the radio, help with instructions etc. so something sounds strange here.

(MartinKeilloh) #1151

Yes Ale he said he had a company so $300 for a radio is nothing

(RickyG) #1152

Easy people lets keep the hostility to a minimum. This is a free world and your allowed to agree or disagree. @Verloop has questions and concerns no different then anyone else. Lets keep the spirit positive and do what we can to support each other. That’s the foundation of this hobby.

@upupisnotdown welcome to the club.
We have a manual created by the community if you need it let me know.I have a dropbox folder with the manual and all the recent software.
We also have a facebook group that your welcome to join. You will find the vender very helpful as is the community in general. Please be aware that Skydroid is not a sales rep and does not speak English so can be a bit slow to respond and everything is through a translation app so communication is a bit slow. But he always answers.

You should know there is a new version of the Skydroid system coming out next month. IT has all the same features as teh M12L but not the distance,.however it has integrated video. Meaning no separate transmitter and receiver system. It’s a digital signal that is mixed with the RC signal. Something that sounds very interesting.

anyway welcome and remember fold. We are all in this together.

(ppoirier) #1153

Please respect the forum Terms of Service

(Theo) #1154

@rickyg32 you are no doubt right and I apologize if my snarkiness was too much, I just find that there are many better ways to voice your doubts and that just pushed my buttons. Moving on!

The upcoming system is what I’m most excited - I have been flying a tricopter mostly and played with some diy gimbals. I am designing a vtol tiltrotor to use as an rtk photogrammetry platform (this is more of a hobby endeavour, sadly my actual job has nothing to do with UAVs). I feel no love for DJI but their downlinks and tiny controllers are quite awesome and this system looks like a great option!

I’m wondering though, sorry if I missed it in the info- is the video downlink over 5.8 analog or perhaps digital? Seems so from the few videos I found about the standalone usb receiver?

(RickyG) #1155

Your project sounds exciting. I would love to see how you progress.
Re your question about the USB receiver, that system is a standard Analog 5.8Ghz. I assume your referring to this item.

This is basically an analog 5.8ghz receiver with a USB UVC interface. That interface makes it easier to connect to a tablet or pc by removing the need for the capture device.

Now the Skydroid T10 system that comes out next month uses Digital video. It’s important to note that it requires a special FPV camera that uses high rate serial video data. It DOES NOT support standard cameras. So if your just wanting to use an FPV camera your good to go. IF your looking to switch between the FPV camera and say a Gimbal camera…your out of luck. Also the T10 has a 5km range not the 60km advertised range the M12L has.

The T10 gives you the DJI Phantom type controller with the video embedded function with out being a slave to DJI.

(cala2) #1156

Welcome Thero, nice proyect, Im building a vtol too to fly with this system and We have an expert in vtols Greg in this group too :slight_smile: .

(Theo) #1157

Yes! I actually found @GregCovey 's Volantex Ranger project and that’s how I got started! I have him to thank for the 2m monster crowding up my small apartment!

I wonder though if it could be possible to use an Rpi or similar to encode a video input for example with the PiCapture hat and so have multiple cameras available to use with the T10 digital downlink?

(RickyG) #1158

@upupisnotdown That might be possible. I had thought perhaps one of the big brain folk out there might be able to figure out how to make a RPI translate. I would love that. But not something I can do.

(Marc Dornan) #1159

This is possible. You need to skip through this thread as it has evolved somewhat but you can use a picam switcher to have multiple cameras and you can get HD video to the ground.!

Edit. But i see this will fight with the skydroid system as they are on the same band. In fact it is a RC and video system in itself so maybe not the best suggestion.