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Loiter wind problem

Hi everyone,
we are facing to a a problem when we flying a large quad copter with 23 inch props and 12S 18650 battery.
when the copter face to the wind and fly at full speed. when we release the stick, the copter will pitch up very badly(It’s not brake). then pitch down a bit, and pitch up again(It’s brake),we tried several times on different copter It’s all act like this.

Did you do the Alt-A tuning procedure?

The wind is causing the aricraft to pitch up. Nothing you can do about it.

Yeah, with those size props wind will always be a problem I believe.

Yes, I follow all the wiki’s step, and this copter flies very well

I know that, but It’s very scary. Now I will try to replace the CUAV X7 with DJI A3 see if It’s the same behavior

Have you got a .bin log of the problem occurring?

It has nothing to do with prop size. Its applied physics, in particular Fluid Dynamics. In flight the aircraft is fighting a HEAD WIND that is trying to push the aircraft in the opposite direction. When the aircraft stops flying the wind pushes the aircraft backwards until the flight controller has time to react and stop the backward movement.

If you will notice, when the aircraft is in loiter mode it will be leaning into the wind…

Yes good point OldGazer, thanks. I suspect some improved tuning could minimise that effect too.

Good luck with that…

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