Loiter trottle strange behavior

HI all,

I’m not a well trained pilot, so I’m trying to learn to fly my drone in loiter mode.
besides that nowadays I’m trying to switch to stabilized mode.

The throttle behaves completely different:
in loiter mode I have to move the pitch to 50% when the motors throttle starts to increase and the drone takes off. if I go up to 10 meters and would like to decrease the altitude I have to move the pitch close to 0 (some kind of hysteresis like behaviour)

If I change the loiter mode to stabilized (in the air with 10 meters altitude) than the drone suddenly goes upward, and increase the altitude from 10 to 20meters. If I’m quick enough I can decrease the altitude change speed (and usually the drone altitude starts to decrease very quickly . here I change back to loiter to avoid the crash)

But in stabilized mode the sensitivity is totally different:

  • much more sensitive (even if on the tuning (QGC) setting the sensitivity is decreased to minimum)
    (- in loiter more much less sensitive (seems it has a delay like something, or hysteresis) - as I wrote)

What I would like to set:

  • no or less hysteresis in loiter (more direct)
  • less sensitivity in stabilized
  • closer throttle altitude hold settings in both mode (~50% in both not 70% in loiter and 45% in stabilized)

What should i change?
Thanks for the help.
If any log needed please indicate.

Soo hii @babolcs welcome here

You are new to piloting ok , so I’m say do you know dji drones and remote ? , just like that in loiter mode your throttle stik 50% is 0 and when you increase the throttle stik then your copter rise up and when your altitude is enough for you then throttle stik move to 50% then your copter stable in that possition , and 50% to down then your copter decrease height and it’s batter to choose land mode in starting time when you loose copter face ok ?

Talk About stabilise mode this is a completely original mode for copters , in stabilise mode your throttle stik is 0 - 100% is 0 - 100% and your roll pitch is high but in loiter mode it’s low so don’t worry and it’s well enough speed to understanding in that speed , soo hope you understand if you can’t then free tell me :slight_smile:

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. Sorry for the slow answer, but meanwhile I had some flights and tried to test what you described. And it really works as you wrote.

One only thing the drone is vers sensitive to throttle in stabilize mode. Now I’m practicing to keep it on the same altitude
(I take off in loiter. when I’m at 10meters I move the throttle back to 50% and change to stabilize mode)

When I’m in stabilize mode even 1mm throttle stick move results decrease or increase of altitude. Is there any possibility somehow to set it less sensitive?

Thanks again,


It will be good to practice using Stabilize mode because you may need it in emergencies. In Stabilize you will find it near impossible to hover. The usual modes to use are ALTHOLD and LOITER.
ALTHOLD is a bit like Stabilize (direct pilot input of pitch and roll) except throttle is like Loiter (centre 0, fly up/fly down) instead of throttle being in direct control of motor output.
LOITER is a very controlled mode where pilot input equates to “move that way a bit” with less direct control. Let go of the sticks (to scratch your face or whatever) and the aircraft will stop and stay in position against wind.

Yes you right exactly this was my intention to be able to fly in emergency situation in stabilized mode :-).
I built a much smaller drone for this learning 450mm (not the x4).
And getting a littlebit more comfortable with it already.
Than i accept that this mode is extreme direct. :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Ok , so you need any open tx radio. Do you have ?

You have it , no problem , set this value

  1. Go to mixes page.

  2. select one by one by Ail and Ele.

  3. Weight = 70 to down as you comfortable :wink:

  • And also apply for Yaw if you need

And talk about throttle in stabilize mode there is little bit complicated for you so I think it’s batter for predefined climb rate in practicing.

Is it ok ? , There is no just tell me i will give you more options :yum:

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: