Loiter Takeoff and instantly driftingand slammed. Can i have your views on the log?

After 3 long flights on pretty windy weather without a hickup went on a new location and wanted to takeoff for a small low altitude test flight.
My previous three flights were 15min each without the smallest issue, but on the last one and taking off on loiter, X8 started drifting to the right along with the wind, as if there was no GPS signal of it was not on loiter, since altitude was only 2m high and there was danger towards the drift direction, quickest move was to slam it against a wall and not hit anyone.
I would appreciate your thoughts on the log since currently im not in a perfectly clear state of mind to do so.

I did not look at the log, but my guess is that there was not good GPS signal.
You are not supposed to fly near walls. GPS does not like that.

read more about “GPS multipath problems”

Let me say it properly. There was a 2m fence really close. I had 12-14sats at the time.
The octaquad is programmed to takeoff at 2m and it was on loiter and has a satmin of 6sats. As I said right before that I had other flights with no issue at all. So the signal theory because of the wall does not apply. Since I was on a plane since I posted the log and I just started reviewing it, I was able to see wayb3-4 yaw realign messages which I have never seen before.
I’ll investigate my self, but I would appreciate a second pair of eyes

Relative to that it looks like heavy interference on the mag.