Loiter speed too fast

Im new to arduplane, but experienced with arducopter, and Im wondering why my plane loiters with about 150Km/h (100%throttle) and about 90° roll angle.

I dont have an airspeed sensor, and do not understand what parameters affect the speed. for example, I read in the FAQ, that without an airspeed sensor, synthetic airspeed is used, but what does TECS_SYNAIRSPEED do then, as this is set to 0 ?

also, in RTL the plane flys very good, but also with 100% throttle towards me.

any Ideas?

thanks a lot,

A dataflashlog would help, unless you expect us to guess, in that case, I blame goblins.

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whoops, sorry.

in this log, you can see, I launch it in stabilize, then immidiately switch to RTL, and speed goes up to about 140Km/h and throttle at maximum (limited to 90%).

also you see at the end, there was a bad crash, I stalled and failed to recover it, then switched to RTL and it crashed.

and please tell me what I can do with TECS_SYNAIRSPEED .

thanks a lot.

no ideas? at least an explnation for TECS_SYNAIRSPEED would be nice…