Loiter simply will not work!

ever since the APM i have had ongoing problems with loiter, it would never work, but position hold worked well.

Seeing as position hold it gone now, i cannot use gps at all!

i am hoping someone can help me figure out my loiter issues.
i have included the log files from two flights.

when hovering i switch to loiter, it just actively flies away in any direction whilst loosing altitude.

i would ask for position hold back as it makes NO sense as to why it was removed???
but all i get is ridiculous comments.

All the issues I had with Loiter and APM were due to bad compass calibration or very bad values with compassmot test.
Compass calibration must be perfect if you want to have a good Loiter or Auto mode.

Loiter is Position Hold plus Altitude Hold, so how do your Altitude Hold performs ?
You might have a problem with your barometer sensor combined to compass problem .