Loiter radius setting?

Loiter Radius – I need HELP!

When I fly a mission with a loiter waypoint the radius is about what I want but when I use the Loiter flight mode the radius is about twice as much as I want. I need help in figuring out what parameters control the loiter radius. I have WP_LOITER_RADIUS set to 40 and WP_RADIUS set to 40. I don’t see a radius parameter for the Loiter Flight Mode. Where does it get the radius?


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I wonder if this is related to the bank angle problem everyone is having? Maybe it is limiting the bank angle to half thus increasing the turn radius in Flight Mode Loiter.



Problem solved by doing some PID tuning.

RLL2SVR_P was way too low. I tuned roll and pitch P and I and that made a big difference.

It’s been windy and I do plan on giving Autotune a try on the next calm day.