Loiter mode - stopping?


I’ve been wondering how loiter mode is supposed to react when you release the stick back to centre.
I’ve noticed that the copter breaks for quite a bit, but then drifts on for a bit.

This seems strange to me, as loiter should lock it in position. I understand that the copter can’t suddenly stop dead in the air, but i’ve had expiriences where it drifted around 10 meters further.
So, how hard should it break and should it always come back to the position that you are at when the stick is centre again?

These parameters will adjust that. Change them to suit:
WPNAV_LOIT_MINA (this address’s your question about centered sticks)

When did those options appear in the releases? I’m still on the old APM 2.8 and I could not find these in the full parameter list.

3.3. Your post belongs in 3.2 if you have an APM FC.

Thanks for clarifying that. I guess i finally hit the limits of the little APM 2.8 :slight_smile:

It’s just a cost consideration for me at the moment. Would love to have a Pixhawk 2.1!