Loiter mode/PosHold

I have a question about Loiter mode.
Put the rudder in the yaw direction (ladder) while flying (hovering) in Loiter mode, and if you speak your finger, it will not stop immediately but will flow a little and then rotation will stop.
I performed Autotune only in the yaw direction, but there is not much change.
As a hope, I would like to make settings so that rotation stops as soon as you release your finger. I don’t know how to set it. Thank you.

Increase ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX, double whatever you have now and see how it goes. A .bin log file and some description of the copter will help us help you.

Try changing ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX.
Below, I will send the log for your reference.
※It is a log that puts the rudder in the yaw direction (ladder) while flying (hovering) in Reuters mode, does not stop immediately when you speak with your finger, but flows a little and stops spinning.


I changed the parameters today and flew,
It became an ideal movement.

Is this parameter unrelated to Autotune?:question:

I knew what to change and by how much (“double it”) since I’m familiar with the issue you described with yaw.
This is an easy and fairly safe parameter to change, but the ATC_ACCEL_P_MAX and ATC_ACCEL_R_MAX are more critical and more closely related to stability.
You can certainly run autotune again after adjusting ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX. I think autotune adjusts these values somewhat, or maybe just down, but it wont adjust ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX enough to fix your issue.

I couldnt access your shared file to check anything.

ATC_ACCEL_P_MAX and ATC_ACCEL_R_MAX are unchanged.
Do you want to execute Autotune after setting ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX?

It’s beneficial to run autotune if you change anything significant, I probably would after changing ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX

Autotune after ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX.

By the way, “https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html
Should I carry out?

That should have been done earlier :slight_smile:
But do a test flight in AltHold for a couple of minutes and post the .bin log here (or link to it).
Also include your observations of the test flight.

Https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html” has not been implemented yet.

That’s OK - your parameters are already close enough at this stage.
Proceed to the test flight and post a new log

I’m a little confused.
Is the setting following the assembly of the drone safe with the following procedure?

① Firmware installation
② Various calibration
③ AutoTune

In addition, do “Https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.htm” as needed.

No, the correct order is:

  1. https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/initial-setup.html
  2. https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html
  3. https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/autotune.html

Normally what @amilcarlucas says is the right way - in your case everything is already close enough for now. Proceed to a test flight in AltHold - hover for a while and try some gentle stick movments. Let’s see that log.
I’ll try to find anything in the logs that is out of place and let you know what to change. Make sure the link to the log file is accessible, and it’s a .bin log file.

Thank you very much.
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Has not been conducted, and in some cases “Autotune” has not been conducted.