Loiter mode(boat) questions

Hi there
I’m using ardurover for boat.
I have a few questions
I want to hold the position of the boat.

  1. When I command fly to here, after boat arrive destination it hold the position
    When the boat moves away from the target boat’s heading turn too fast almost full aceelation
    I want to make it smoothly turning.
    which parameter do I have to change? and which parameter change for target’s radius?
  2. I want to hold the position strongly, So I thought use loiter mode
    When I use loiter mode Can I fixed boat’s heading in the water flow?
    and Can I hold the position 0.5m radius(1m diameter) ?


About 4m diameter hold the position in loiter mode.

Hi @Choi,

If you could post an onboard log (aka dataflash log) that would help in providing advice.

Re the boat’s heading turning too quickly, I wonder if you’ve followed the turn rate control tuning instructions yet? There are a few parameters that could affect the speed the vehicle turns at but it’s best to first be sure that the turn rate controller is working well.

Re holding position in Loiter. The LOIT_RADIUS parameter can be reduced from the default of 2m to 0.5m. If it is made too small though the vehicle will end up driving around the target point instead of holding position slightly down stream from the point. Re “fixed boat’s heading in the water flow”, the vehicle should naturally end up slightly downstream from the target point with its nose pointing at the target point. Most boats cannot move laterally so this is the best case.

Hi @rmackay9

Thank you for your reply!

I solve the problem with 2 parameters.
I change the LOIT_TYPE value 0 before I use value 1.
and the other one is LOIT_SPEED_GAIN range 0.01 before I use 0.5.

It makes boat not turn to quickly and keep their position.
But sometimes it also turn to quickly little bit.

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Hi @gershon

Thank you for your reply

I use 2m diameter in loiter mode