Loiter Command Plane Mission Planner

Hi. When doing this setup and simulation in mission planner, the radius for each loiter turns commands shows up to be very weird sizes. For example the radius is set to go from 100 to 400m but you see the simulation doesn’t look right.
100m is the 2nd smallest
200m is the biggest circle
300m is the smallest circle then
400m is the 3rd biggest

Doesn’t make any sense.

assuming the first loiter circle is correct, to me it looks more like
at least there’s most likely no 300 and 400 m circle at all.
have you checked your mission items have been saved correctly by reading back the mission after saving it?

i actually tried to replicate your mission and found loiter circle maxes out at 255, most likely it’s being stored as 8bit. so you’ll indeed get

instead of

needs some further testing imho, will try on actual hardware…

same on actual hardware and with different GCSes. found this too: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/602
might make sense to reopen.


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radius in LOITER_TURNS is indeed limited to 8 bit, sorry.
You will need to set it to zero, in which case it will use WP_LOITER_RAD instead, which is max 32767

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@vierfuffzig thank you for that , I actually know what is happening now . thanks for doing the simulations yourself, I really appreciate it
@tridge yes I realised that at 0 wp_loiter_rad will be used, but I cannot change that during mission.

I want to basically have a spiral of my plane going down and changing altitude. and one time I want it to change the radius half way down. Do you know how I can do that?

at the moment there‘s no option to command individual radii above 255 other than what WP_LOITER_RAD is set to.
you might want to set param WP_LOITER_RAD to your desired maximum above 255, like 400 m for example, then set MAV_CMD_NAV_LOITER_TURNS radius = 0 to use 400 m on those first turns in your flight plan.
adding smaller LOITER_TURNS with individual radii below 255 m will work as expected:

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thanks for the feedback. the mission I try to fly incudes radius of bigger values but at least I know what mission planner is capable of. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it

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