Loiter acting up with Beta

Ctrl>F Menu in Mission Planner. Then the “Anon Log” button. A file open dialog box opens, you pick the file and save it as a .log file. Not everyone is happy with a .log file but it works in Mission Planner for analysis.

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Logs will be good to see but re the upward facing frame, from the sound of the motors it seems the roll and pitch rate gains are too high.

Try reducing ATC_RAT_RLL_P/I/D and ATC_RAT_PIT_P/I/D all down by 20%. Also I think if you’re not going to try and use AutoTune it is good to keep the ratio of P/I and D the same. So just raise or lower all of them by the same percentage.

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Hi Randy, Roger You have them I sent the logs to Discord today as a PM. Regarding the sound, the sound is with the new beta 7 in loiter and not in stabilize.

Tuning. Post some logs. This isn’t Discord it’s User Support which Discord is expressly not for.

Hi Dave, I work doing 3D with Tridge on Discord and he asked me to post some of the issue I have in that group. Can you ask me what you like to see? this way i can learn.

One small change I see between the 4.0.7 logs and the 4.1.0-beta7 logs is that MOT_PWM_TYPE has been changed from 7 (DShot1200) to 5 (DShot 300).

Another unusual configuration is that the AHRS_ORIENT = 24 (Pitch up).

@Quadzilla I was wondering if you could try switching back to EKF2 to see if it makes any difference?

  • EK2_ENABLE = 1
  • EK3_ENABLE = 0

… and then reboot the autopilot. This would help cut the problem in half because we could be more sure whether it is an estimation problem or a control problem (I suspect it is a control problem but both have changed greatly in Copter-4.1 vs 4.0).

Hi Randy, Regarding the Dhsot speed that was at the end of my test cycle i started with 300 then 600 then 1200. none of the speeds had an effect as to my issue. I will return it to 300… I also like to say shaky issue was also on the PRP,

Roger that- BTW what firmware should i flash or should i stick with Beta7.

Quick question will the Kakut F7 let me use this option? Normally I use the PRP but i had the USB come loose. " my fault "

Needed for my frame design. I can try AHRS_ORENTION 25 but seems to fly fine and looks right in my HUD.

KakuteF7_Feb 23 .apj (789.3 KB) Firmware


Thanks for confirming that changing the MOT_PWM_TYPE had no effect.

Leaving the AHRS_ORIENT is ok. This is more just a note (for myself and other devs) that the vehicle has a rare setup which means that it is more likely that we have a software bug that nobody has noticed before.

Re testing EKF2, using the latest beta would be good. thanks!

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Can you also show the problem with log settings set as follows.


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I was told my FC will not let me use EK2 without a custom build I using the Kakute F7

  • EK2_ENABLE = 1
  • EK3_ENABLE = 0

Note I have this already in my prams using Stable. will check Beta 7 I see what I have next

Sent to Discord PM with new setting and disabled EKF3.

The new firmware: when switching to Loiter the shakes started immediately but after flying it a tad the shakes went away. I do see this from time to time when first taking off in Stabilize with new frames but fly for a bit and its gone but once and a blue moon but not in loiter like this.


Here is Copter-4.1.0-beta8 with EKF2 as default for Kakutef7. To make it fit I also needed to disable these features:

  • drift mode
  • flip mode
  • throw mode

I have not tested this binary at all because I don’t have a kakutef7 but hopefully it should work ok.

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Very cool Thank you!

Hi Randy, this build will not arm. Pre-Arm ARHS EKF2 Not Started, error.

Shawn made me a custom build last week that i sent you guys a link to the logs.