Logging in 3.9.1

I have Plane 3.9.1 using CHIBIOS loaded on 2-Pixhawk clones and a Pixhawk Lite. None of these will now log successfully to the Micro SD card. They won’t arm either if the bitmap contains the logging element. Mission Planner won’t list the existing logs on the card. I’ve gone through the config parameters. This was also working on previous versions. Did I miss a new parameter? Is this known? Anyone else seeing this? Thanks.

I worked on this issue for a considerable amount of time. I finally replaced the CHIBIOS with the old OS and logging is now working (3.9.2). My conclusion is that logging with CHIBIOS will not work with Pixhawk 2.4.8 and 2.4.6 clones. If you want logging, stick with NUTTX.