Logging failed after updated to Copter 4.0

My 450 size quad has been working fine with regard to logging…mavlink downloadwith no problem, no prearm.

Yesterday I updated Copter from 3.6 to 4.0.3, with default settings, I got a prearm of “Bad logging”.
I changed the LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to 2 and 3, and all did not help.

Any clue to find the problem ? Thanks
Param attached.
Quad__param.param (17.7 KB)

Further to my question above, I managed to prearm the motors by unchecking the “Logging available” box in ARMING_CHECK (window pop up after clicking on the “value” of this param).

Though I can arm the motors, bad logging error message still pops up which I think I can no longer get files logged. How can I get logging and also arm the motors ?

Is there any bug in the update ?

Thanks for any help.


I wonder if logging has actually started failing or if it’s just that 4.0.x informs the user that logging has failed and prevents arming. We logs working on Copter-3.6.x? I wonder if you could perhaps confirm this by loading Copter-3.6.x back onto the copter and confirming logging works?

Also I guess this is a Pixhawk (compatible) board?

Hi Randy,

Thank you for yr help. I was unable to load the previous (AC v3.6.x or earlier versions) FW back to the Pixhawk compatible board. This happens

for the 1st time. (error msg include can’t detect board, unable to load FW etc).

When I updated the board to v4.0.3 yesterday, I responded “No” when asked “Upload ChibiOS”. Pls see attached screen shot from the “Message” tab in MP. Why does ChibiOS appear in the message

One question related to this which has always been on my mind : –

I have both Pixhawk and Open Pilot Revolution boards. Last year, non-Pixhawk board (such as Revolution) can run Ardupilot fw using ChibiOS operating system. So I flashed all my Revolution boards by saying “Yes” when asked "Upload ChibiOS

Can I do the same (ChibiOS) when flashing Pixhawk board ?


It’s a shame that the error is the same for a multitude of different reasons. I occasionally also get “Bad Logging” which a reboot usually cures unless I have forgotten to put the SD card in.


These are all Mission Planner issues which I’m afraid which are largely out of my control.

Some advice from my experience:

  • Re MP failing to detect the board, try unplugging and plugging back in the USB port and it will probably detect the board eventually. If that fails then could you raise an issue in the MP issues list?
  • With 4.0.x it no longer matters if you reply “yes” or “no” to the “Upload ChibiOS?” questions because with the 4.0.x releases it’s all ChibiOS (for STM boards anyway).

I am not that lucky even a reboot does not cure the problem, and also am sure SD card is in.

This happened since I updated my Copter from 3.6.5 to 4.0.3.

To arm the motors, I now have to disable logging in the ARMING_CHECK param. But then I can’t log the file and check for any error.

My previous Copter 3.6.5 was working fine in terms of logging. Everytime after I update to newer versio, something wrong will happen.

That is why I am reluctant to update.

Anyway, I still thank the effort of the contributing developers.

Thanks Randy,

Tried many times unplugging, click OK and plugging in again, as instructed by MP, still did not help.

Have just raised in the MP Issues List.

What Pixhawk Flight Controller is this?

Hi Dave,

It is the first generation Pixhawk. Mine is clone. It has been performing fine in the past few years in all functions, same as the genuine version.

Seems this reply was directed to wrong person.

I have the same problem with my Pixhawk 1 clone any news?

Having the same problem of above logging failed on a pixhawk cube orange

any ideas

On that Cube Orange, have you updated the bootloader? Update to latest stable (4.0.4) first then do the bootloader update.
If the issue persists it’s most likely an issue with the SD card - try doing a long format on it (not a quick format) or replacing it.

There is a warning that updating the boot loader could be harmful to the board itself, Not sure what that is referring too and Also there are no instruction on how to update the bootloader Itself
Any info on that, but first I will long formatt card to see if that will work.

You just have to hit the Bootloader Update button in MissionPlanner as per the docs:
You wont need to worry about checking to see if your board has enough memory.