Logging EKF data

I have done several loggings with my rover but none of them contain EKF data when converting to .mat file.
Below is a screenshot where it says that AHRS data logging should be enabled. My question is how to enable logging of AHRS data in order to get EKF in .mat file? Is enough just to set AHRS_EKF_USE to 1 or some other parameters have to be set too?

Thak you all.

What are you using to convert the file? Can you provide a log file your trying to do this with?

Thanks, Grant

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I am using Mission Planner, the button in Dataflash logs which enables converting to .mat file. Below is a link where You can see my logs. I hope You can help me.

Thank You.

When I converted your 2017-07-13 11-07-02.log file I got the file below

I don’t have Matlab to test with but you could download it and see if it worked.

The EKF messages will be in a dataflash file (.bin) which you can get off the SD card.

And you will need to enable LOG_DISARMED if you want the logging before the vehicle is armed.

Thanks, Grant.