Logging 3rd party CAN msg Arducopter 3.5rc4 or 3.6-dev(master)?

I’ve been struggling trying to configure a Pixhawk/Arducopter system to log a third party CAN message.

Problem - I have a single frame CAN message to listen for being output by a 3rd party node on my 2 node CAN bus (other node is the pixhawk). The message is output at 10 Hz and I need to log the message in the pixhawk flight log and use the data inside the message to change the flight mode in the Arducopter flight stack.

Q1. With the recent AP_UAVCAN additions to the master branch (Arducopter v3.6dev) which branch would you recommend to develop with?

Q2. I’m working with the assumption that i can construct the definition of the uavcan message in the dsdl list such that it looks like the message i want to listen for, is this a correct assumption?

Thanks for you help in advance. I’m under the gun to get this implemented for a technology demonstration project.