Log type definitions

Hello. I am trying to learn more about setting up the logging functionality in mission planner. I cannot seem to find any definitions for each of the log types listed for the LOG_BITMASK parameter. Could someone point me to where I could find this information? Thank you!

Have a look under full parameters/log_bitmask.It gives a few values but I don’t think all of them.The one that’s loaded with a new firmware on my Pixhawks (176126) isn’t listed but is pretty comprehensive.I’d guess a dev version for new install logging.I’ve never seen a full description anywhere.

Thank you! I am actually looking for definitions of what each of the log type options control. Some of them seem obvious (GPS, IMU, COMPASS etc) but others I am not familiar with. Also, I would like to know the logging rates of each of them (some of them appear to log at different rates than others (i.e. IMU vs IMU_FAST etc.). Here is an image from MP with the log type options that I am referring to:

After poking around some more on the Wiki, I found some detailed information here:

However, if anyone knows the answer to my question about the logging rates (i.e. IMU vs IMU_FAST etc.) it would be much appreciated!

Ah right.That’ll be a dev type thing then.I’m still only brushing the surface of logs and they keep adding stuff.So that’s a bit advanced for me. :slight_smile:

No problem. Thanks anyway.