Log file to pilot log

Hi can anyone recommend a free software to pull pilot and aircraft log information like flight times etc from the ardupilot logs?

Check the documentation regarding Logs, data falash logs and MissionPlanner

There’s also UAV Log viewer for online use

There’s probably a couple of MAVExplorer commands that would total time flying somewhat easily. Unfortunately, I’m not versed enough in its use to get there from here, but I hope someone can answer as to the possibility. It would be quite useful!

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Actually if you are just after flight time of a particular UAV/Flight controller in regards to keeping maintenance logs and similar, then there’s a parameter too:
It is read-only, but it’s not permanent, so if you wipe and reconfigure the flight controller the STAT counts start over.


Hi Guys thank you for the responses.

I’m aware of the log viewer both in mission planner and online version. However I need to pull the following information from 100s of drones all connected via wifi over a router. Without downloading the logs as that would take too long.

Pull from each log file and populate a spreadsheet:

  1. Date
  2. Start or Finish Time
  3. Duration of Flight
  4. Total Flight Time
  5. MavID

As I stated before I’m looking to automate this rather than manually download and interrogate each log file. This will be a custom programming job but I’d like to know if there is any open source out there that someone has started.