Log errors

Hi Guys,
Since I’ve build some new MR and planes I have problems with my logs.
First one is that I do not have correct date in the log name.
Every log is named 1970-01-01 01:00:00 . Some time ago my logs were named by the time it began.

The second problem is that there are some strange parts of code in log:
“UNKW, 190MSG, 11259480, gps alt: 2916
UNKW, 190UNKW, 190UNKW, 190UNKW, 190UNKW, 190UNKW, 190UNKW,”

"UNKW, 180IMU, 443050010, -0.0003671553, -0.0007422958, -0.000577338, 1.425714, 0.003063887, -9.733262, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1
CTUN, 443051361, -22.15, 0.29, -1.50, 5.88, 0, 4464, 0.003063887"
CTUN is ok, some parts of code are unknown or what?

I’ve tried many options of LOG_BITMASK, but still I havn’t figured this out.
Here is some example log.
My setup is MP 1.3.32 Arduplane V3.4.0

Please help, i spend a few days to figure this out without luck.


The time comes from the GPS. Until you get GPS lock the time won’t be correct in the logs.
Thanks, Grant.